Reach The Local Audience That Means The Most To You


Fantastic Exposure
Your personalized 45 second underwriting announcement will be aired at least twice a day. (Thatís more than 45 minutes a month). We will produce the initial spot for FREE! You will be entitled to a 15 minute interview if you sign up for a year.

The Perfect Local Audience
WDVRís listeners are uncommonly loyal and feel a strong affiliation with the station and its supporters. They respond positively to businesses that support the station and its family-friendly programming.

On Air And On Line
Your exposure is not limited to the airwaves. WDVR Underwriters are also featured on our website, our newsletter(mailed out to 5000 plus),, and on Plus all our programming is heard worldwide 24/7.

Amazingly Affordable
We think you will be surprised at how economically you can connect every day with the audience you most want to reach.

Great Tax Benefit
Underwriting on WDVR is 100% tax-deductible.

The Right Thing To Do
Your support will provide your community with a valuable asset. WDVR's on-air staff is made up of volunteers who value and work hard to preserve the special community spirit we enjoy in our listening area. We consider every business that supports WDVR a trusted partner in serving the community.


What does all this cost you?
One Month
60 mentions
Three Months
Save $100.
Six Months
Save $250
One Year
Save $600.

To sign up please Go Here Print out the form, fill it out and mail with a check to:
Attention Diane Jordan  
P.O. Box 191
Sergeantsville, New Jersey 08557
For any questions please contact:
Diane Jordan 609-397-1620 email

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