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Heartlands Hayride April 26, 2014

The World's Original WDVR Heartlands Hayride country music variety show

Ragtime Relics From Tin Pan Alley to the Ragtime Blues, from the Jazz Age to Early Country, their music is a blend of the traditions that helped shape American music in the early 20th Century. But they donít take their music or themselves too seriously. They want the audiences to have as much fun as they do, so each performance is mix of songs, stories, history and humor. The band name pays homage to their musical roots. The performance is vintage. (The performers are too...) www.ragtimerelics.com

Chris Val, veteran old-school country star, says he can't stay away. Chris has performed with Tex Ritter, Ernest Tubb and many others. This fondly remembered veteran of Trenton radio, has recorded for Starday and many other labels, and continues to thrill crowds throughout Delaware Valley. And he can yodel !!

Barry Sokol We introduced this authentic dude to the Hayride stable a few shows back. We donít know if heís Bakersfield or Dallas, Nashville or Cincinnati. One thingís for sure, heíll take us back to the old days on the radio barn dance shows; the Fifties are back!! Whereís he been all this time?? Heís the "real thing."

Monica Franke Country girl gone uptown, with that down home flavor, makes a triumphant return. Hunterdon favorite!! Monica used to sing on the Hayride in the early years.

Chuck Pierman's homespun humor and lyrical comedy provide a welcome respite to the mix as he takes a break from his Delaware Township deer and groundhog farm.

Bill Brandon, our masterful band leader and organizer, reflects star-shine on the barn dance floor as he fronts the Hayride band and keeps the boys on their toes, including these fine musicians.

Al Kessel, master musician, promoter, producer, publicist, singer and a talented writer.

Jim Thompson Mr. Personality: always on base thumping the bass , except when hooking bass or in relief.

Kyle Miholics keeps the beat with some very tasteful percussion work.

Show 6 - 8 PM. Doors open 4:30 PM Full food service by Caterina & Carol Ample free parking

WDVR's Virginia Napurano Cultural Arts Center, in the historic "little country church by the

side of the road", 522 Rosemont-Ringoes Rd. (route 604), Sergeantsville, Delaware Township,

Hunterdon County, NJ. 1/4 m east of county routes 523 & 604.

Still only $12 donation Children 12 & under $6 609-397-1620

Future shows: May 10 & 24

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